Wellness is our Passion


Hello. My name is Unathi Dandala. I've always had a passion for helping people and I started Community Buzz in 2012 as a way to fill this deep seated desire that I had to do more. My journey with Community Buzz has evolved from assisting SMMEs and NGOs with their Communication Strategies and resource mobilisation to assisting company with their Corporate Wellness Strategies having gained the experience at a leading multinational corporation whilst I was their HR Services Executive and Wellness Coordinator. I have studied Business Management, PR Principles and Communication Science. 

It is my firm belief that if companies look after their employees' well-being in a holistic way - they would reap the rewards and this would be visible in their bottom line.

Informative links on the benefits of having a Wellness program in the workplace:

Harvard Business Review - "What the Hard Return on Employee Wellness Programs?"

Health Fitness Revolution - "Top 10 Benefits of a Workplace Wellness Program"